Voices of the Civil Rights Movement video segments are now available in over 22.5 million homes nationwide on XFINITY On Demand™.

VOCRM X1 ScreenshotComcast’s XFINITY is proud to celebrate Black History Month by offering Voices of the Civil Rights Movement video segments as part of the “Black History: Always On” collection on XFINITY On Demand™. Segments will be presented in XFINITY’s “Black Film & TV” destination beginning Feb. 1.

Now entering its fourth year, Voices of the Civil Rights Movement, a multimedia collaboration of Comcast NBCUniversal and the Equal Justice Initiative, honors the legacy and impact of the men and women who championed racial equality in the United States. For the first time, all 15 hours of edited interview footage and historical vignettes will be released to customers on XFINITY On Demand™.

“We want to provide our customers year-round access to great historical content,” said Keesha Boyd, Executive Director, Multicultural Products, Comcast. “The civil rights movement was a defining era in our nation’s history. Leveraging Voices of the Civil Rights Movement on the X1 platform provides a powerful educational tool for a new generation, where parents and kids can sit down during any given month to learn from and celebrate civil rights leaders.”

Fifty-two stirring historical accounts will be available at launch on XFINITY On Demand™, and more than 150 interviews with civil rights trailblazers will be added throughout the year. All segments highlight pivotal events leading up to and during the civil rights movement, and can be accessed by navigating to On Demand > Black Film & TV > Black History: Always On > Special Collections > Moments in Civil Rights History.

“I had the honor and privilege of sitting down face-to-face with 72 civil rights leaders, some of whom we’ve lost over the past several years,” said Lisa Melillo, Executive Producer, Local Media Development, Comcast. “Working on this project was life-changing. My hope is that viewers will be moved just as much as I was by these stories of unshakeable determination in the face of unwavering injustice. And they’re encouraged to contribute their own stories through the ‘Share Your Story!’ feature on our website.”

The Voices of the Civil Rights Movement offering on XFINITY On Demand™ is part of “Black History: Always On,” XFINITY’s ongoing commitment to celebrate African-American achievement throughout all 12 months of the year.