A college education, an opportunity for an inner city teen from the south side of Chicago. A wonderful gift that many young African-Americans of low-income and parents who migrated from south without a high school diploma. Thanks to men and women who met, marched and marshalled the courage to protest peacefully for equality. I earned a B.S. in Education, M.A. in Media Communications, worked in publishing, Christian television network and currently in a public school. The Civil Rights Movement profoundly impacted my life creating opportunities for many people of color. Opportunities that were only reserved for "white people." It very alarming to see racism, experience hidden racism, and hear African-American children say, "You're racist" and them not fully understanding the meaning of word or know the history of their forebears that were "procured" in the 17th century and how they were treated from that time to 1960s and thereafter. We are in shaky times because the rights every American deserves are being redefined for people of color. Am I concerned Yes. This continued practice by the those who believe they are entitled demonstrates a limited capacity of empathy and a whole of insecurity and fear based on racism and ignorance. God bless us all in this time of orchestrated hatred. We need Him now more than ever. We should all dream like Dr. King.

Debra M. Hall

DMH from the Windy City

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