Kipp Dawson I was one of the thousands of northern high school students inspired by these leaders to take similar action where we lived. My life was forever enriched, and is still motivated and inspired by these heroes. My friends and I started the first civil rights group at Berkeley High School, and one of us -- then Tracy Sims and now Tamam Moncur -- went on (at 18) to become a central leader of the sit-in movement in San Francisco. Thousands of arrests later (1963-64) hotel and auto sales employers had given in and signed agreements to stop excluding black people from employment. Yes, the struggle certainly continues, and let us acknowledge that we fight forward on higher ground because of the courage, determination,mand victories of the young Southern black leaders, and all who caught the spirit and built in solidarity with them. Let today's young people know it was young people like them who led us back then. They get what that means for today!

Kipp Dawson

Meanwhile in the North

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