Title of the Story

Irma Robinson

The Struggle Continues

I'm a product/child of the 60's. I've personally witnessed sitting in the back of the bus, witnessed sitting in the balcony of a movie theater, in case there's a fire (we) would be the last out of the building. The struggle doesn't end there...being shown films EVERY Friday in my middle school social studies class of Africans practicing cannibalism, and jumping 50 feet in the air with a single bounce, alternating between Friday's with Native Americans scalping people, screaming and making uncivilized noises...instilled unnatural fear of my very own ancestor and that of Indians as well. As I became older and experienced "life: slowly but surely the shackles loosed from my mind. I can see more clearly now...the deception, brain washing, SELF HATRED, propaganda and making it appear as if the power that be were the only ones to trust, only ones civilized. Today, the struggle is alive and well, just in a different form and fashion. I find it STRANGE how things change, but remain the same...the struggle continues!

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