Dream On by Lyrispect

*singing* “They might say he was a dreamer...but he's not the only one...” *spoken* You can kill the dreamer but you can't kill the dream 53 years later and it almost seems we‘ve lost steam

They say if you don't know your history you are bound to repeat the same mistakes well here we are in the thick of it and the youth have raised the stakes

I'm inspired by the organization, determination, and sacrifice, so that I might live with more equal rights but the fight is far from over, unfortunate as it may seem, we've got to reignite the fight from the elders to the teens.

My mind is my superpower, my words are my tool, my weapon, my beacon, my knowledge beyond school. So I use them like lightning and scissors and fire, to melt, to awaken, to educate and inspire.

I wear it like armor, for I am a warrior of light I speak to spit sparks and I mark it with might I was born a dreamer but my heart is an activist so my mind is not merely the catch, but the catalyst The dream it lives on, not exclusive to one I choose to gather thoughts, minds and passion so dreamers...dream on.

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