We Changed America

Frank Smith

Frank Smith, Director of the African American Civil War Museum grew up during segregation in Georgia. Though his father paid taxes, he could not attend public school. "There was a public school for whites, no public school for blacks," he recalled. As a college student, he became involved with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee, attending various protests and marches, including the March on Washington. For more on the Student Sit-In Movement, see: Moments in Civil Rights History - Student Sit-In Organizers Expelled Moments in Civil Rights History - The Sit-In Movement For personal accounts of the Student Sit-In Movement, see: Elaine Turner - A Civil Rights Protester Purnell Steen - Denver's Sit In Movement Rev. William Moore - The Sit-In Movement in Fayetteville, NC Rev. William A. Lawson - The Student Movement in Houston

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