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    Choosing Love in Divisive Times

    Melvin Carter

    The American Dream Deferred: Redlining and Fair Housing

    Josie R. Johnson

    Black Power: A New Flavor of Activism

    Harry “Spike” Moss

    Living Up to Your Moral Assignment

    Mahmoud El-Kati

    Lending Your Voice: The Power of the Vote

    Sharon Sayles Belton

    Equity in Health Care for All

    Dr. Edith P. Mitchell

    From Duke to Tougaloo

    Joan Trumpauer Mulholland

    A Freedom Rider’s Story

    Joan Trumpauer Mulholland

    Jackson Woolworth’s Sit-In

    Joan Trumpauer Mulholland

    Ready to Get My Freedom

    Janice Wesley Kelsey

    Returning to Mississippi

    Rev. Edwin King

    A White Minister in the Movement

    Rev. Edwin King

    Equality vs. Integration

    Glenn Ellis

    The Intensity of the Children’s March

    Glenn Ellis

    HBCUs in the Civil Rights Movement

    Beverly Wade Hogan

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